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Stefanie Friedhoff

Senior Editor & Assistant Director of Communications

harvard global health institute

Focus Areas: journalism, storytelling, global health, technology, trauma, international media

Stefanie Friedhoff is a German-American journalist and innovative storyteller with 25+ years of experience in international media and higher education. As Assistant Director of Communications and Senior Editor for HGHI, she curates and contextualizes news and research in global health. Friedhoff has worked as a foreign correspondent, feature writer, editor and photographer on three continents. Her stories have been published in Time magazine, The Boston Globe, Nieman Reports, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine and other publications. From 2006 to 2014, she was a special projects director at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, where she created and ran Nieman’s Global Health Reporting Fellowship as well as the Foundation’s Trauma Journalism program. Friedhoff is a 2001 Nieman Fellow, a senior advisor to the Trust for Trauma Journalism, a board member of @RiffReporter, and a media and leadership consultant to non-profit organizations such as the Acera School and the Boston Resiliency Center. @Stefanie2000