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Eva Guinan

Faculty Co-Director

Laboratory for Innovation Science at harvard
Harvard University

Other Affiliations: Harvard Medical School, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Catalyst

Focus Areas: bone marrow failure, stem cell and organ transplantation, experiments in team formation and management of innovation

Eva Guinan, MD, is a pediatric hematologist/oncologist and an international expert in bone marrow failure and transplantation and serves as the first director of Translational Research for the DFCI Department of Radiation Oncology. Eva has been the senior investigator for clinical trials in human stem cell transplantation, as well as proof of concept studies arising from her laboratory work that explore the use of new biological approaches to the problem of mismatched transplantation. She also directs the Harvard Catalyst Translational Innovator program which seeks to stimulate and support novel approaches to important clinical/translational questions. This dovetails with her role as Faculty Co-Director for the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH) where she and collaborators conduct empiric experiments in the context of those efforts to explore whether distributed innovation techniques and novel evaluation, team formation and management strategies can be effective in the academic biomedical setting.