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Bernardo Mariano Jr.

Chief Information officer

World Health Organization

Focus Areas: information technology, sub-Saharan Africa, policy, migration

Bernardo Mariano Jr., has 26 years of work experience in international environments. He is currently the Chief Information Officer at the World Health Organization (WHO), responsible for setting and maintaining the Vision and Direction of the IMT Department in Headquarters.  As Senior regional Adviser for sub-Saharan Africa, he informs and advises the Director General, the Deputy Director General and other HQs departments, in coordination with regional offices and field missions, of emerging trends and developments including regional and national policy initiatives of strategic importance to IOM. As Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Director Information Technology and Communications, he was responsible for the development of an advanced Information Technology Strategy. He is the former Regional Director for Southern African Office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) where he oversaw IOM activities in 15 countries.