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Adarsh Natarajan

Chief Executive Officer

AIndra Systems

Focus Areas: entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, computation pathology, innovation, low and middle-income countries, start-ups, business development, product management

After working in the Technology industry spanning various roles in multiple geographies, Adarsh’s Entrepreneurship journey started after completing his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He founded Aindra Systems, a Startup creating products in the area of Computer Vision, a domain under Artificial Intelligence. 

Aindra Systems is an Artificial Intelligence driven company that is focused on creating diagnostic solutions for fatal illnesses. Aindra’s Vision is to democratize access to quality healthcare, by using deep tech to realize that vision. It is a helping create a world where machines work along with humans in creating an equitable healthcare system. 

Adarsh is regarded as one of the early movers in the space of Artificial Intelligence and its application in Healthcare. He is part of multiple initiatives run by both the State and the Central governments in India for adoption of AI in Healthcare. He is an active member of the startup ecosystem in India and is often invited as a speaker in Entrepreneurship events. 

When not innovating on new products, Adarsh is smashing it at a game of shuttle badminton. He also loves traveling with his family.